23/09/2021 | RACC Medical Service Handles more than 46,000 Calls During the Summer

The Club’s Medical Service has carried out 20,000 services and consultations, as well as 1,500 transfers for medical reasons during the summer period, both on national territory and abroad.

23/09/2021 | Water Damage is the Main Cause of Accidents in Spanish Households During the Summer

According to an analysis of the interventions carried out between June and August by RACC Servihogar 24h, damage caused by meteorological phenomena is in second place, although with a lower incidence than in 2020, when more storms were recorded. In total, the organisation handled nearly 88,500 cases for its members and customers.

18/01/2021 | BMW and RACC renew their alliance to continue offering the best roadside assistance to BMW Group customers

BMW and RACC have renewed their alliance whereby RACC will continue to be the provider of roadside assistance services for BMW Group customers in Spain, Andorra and Gibraltar.

23/09/2020 | RACC provides medical assistance at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya during the MotoGP Grand Prix

The Club will provide all the attendees -including the riders- with a specialised team of doctors, nurses and technicians capable of dealing with any health emergency that may occur during the weekend.

22/06/2020 | RACC puts the customer at the centre with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

The RACC Mobility Services Club has chosen Microsoft’s business process solution to manage 10 million interactions with its customers every year.

18/05/2020 | RACC Medical Telephone Service handles more than 60,800 calls during the COVID-19 confinement period

The Club increased the number of queries received between 15 March and 30 April by 146% compared to the same period last year.

22/04/2020 | RACC Servihogar 24h provides more than 14,000 home assistance services in the first month of confinement by COVID-19

The RACC Group company maintains its activity and prioritises assistance that requires urgent intervention, such as electrical breakdowns, water damage or the repair of essential household appliances.

26/11/2019 | RACC Mechanical, Medical and Personal Assistance renews ISO 14001 certification for Environmental Management

The Club has passed the audit thanks to the development of an environmental management system that includes actions such as more efficient waste treatment and the renovation of the fleet by incorporating cleaner vehicles.