The RACC was founded in 1906 as a modern and innovative entity, with a strong vocation to serve people, which throughout its history has led it to develop multiple types of services, both for its members and its corporate clients.

Vocation of Service

Today the RACC Group of companies, with more than 1,400 employees, offers high quality coverage and services to meet the needs of more than 10 million customers around the world. It specialises in providing personal, family, mechanical and home assistance.

Mobility Culture and Sportsmanship

As an organisation at the service of society, the RACC promotes a new culture of mobility that is safer and more respectful of the environment, having a great capacity for dissemination and influence in aspects related to the improvement of Road Safety, the reduction of accidents and infrastructures.

Likewise, true to its initial sporting spirit, it promotes motor sport, training young drivers and riders and organising events counting towards the Formula 1, Moto GP, Rally and RallyCross World Championships.

We Are Here To Help

Our motto “We are here to help” is the expression that best defines the relationship that the RACC has with the people and companies to which it provides its services and with society, with which it maintains an active involvement and commitment.

Customers in portfolio
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Offices throughout Spain
Coordination centres in Barcelona, Madrid and Badalona

Presence in local, national and international forums on current and future mobility

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