We have an extensive network of our own exclusive resources as well as 2 operations coordination centres in Barcelona and Madrid. In addition, we have undertaken a digital transformation plan that allows us to offer an omnichannel, agile and efficient service.

For all these reasons, we provide comprehensive 24-hour mechanical assistance of the highest quality to companies in the insurance sector, car manufacturers and vehicle rental and leasing companies.

We are a comprehensive mobility assistance partner, capable of providing services for everything from a scooter to a truck, including a van, electric vehicle (bicycle, moped, car), connected vehicle, motorbike, car sharing vehicle, etc.

The only assistance company in Spain with its own network of mechanics.
91% of breakdowns are repaired on site with our own means.
Experts in the comprehensive management of 24-hour mechanical assistance.


  • 24/7 omnichannel customer service with its own multi-language coordination centre.

  • Coordination of our own resources and collaborators throughout Spain

  • 24-hour mechanical and travel assistance all over the world

  • Assistance for all types of vehicles: hybrid, electric, bicycles and scooters

  • High rate of on-the-spot repairs at the breakdown site

  • On-site fuel extraction and refuelling

  • On-site battery replacement

  • On-site tyre repair and replacement

  • Rescue of the vehicle

  • Referrals to workshop network

  • Comprehensive management of replacement vehicles

  • Additional services: document handling, fine appeals, facilitating access to the vehicle, MOT and home repair service

  • Concierge services

Our Own Coordination Centres

We have two operation centres with our own staff in Barcelona and Madrid, which allow for comprehensive management of interventions, shortening arrival and resolution times:

  • A stable, trained and specialised team of 200 people

  • 760,000 mechanical assistance services per year

  • 1,325,000 calls for mechanical assistance per year

  • 80% of calls are dealt with in less than 20 seconds

  • 24/7 multi-language omnichannel service

Extensive Assistance Network in Spain

Own fleet mechanics
Assistance vehicles
Mechanical assistance bases
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Daily calls for mechanical assistance

Our Assistance Vehicles

Electric workshop vehicles

Tow trucks

Electric workshop motorbikes

Tyre repair vans

Fuel extraction vans

4WD vehicles

Electric vehicle recharging vehicles

Battery exchange vehicles

Digital Transformation at the Service of Assistance

We have incorporated the most modern technology in our operations coordination centres, as well as in our assistance fleet. We work with the most advanced management software tools on the market, state-of-the-art contact centres and video-loss-adjustment systems.

All of this enables us to offer an omnichannel attention, speed-up operations, make a diagnosis during the first call, automatically allocate the most suitable resources for each case.

Focussed on Customer Experience

We transfer our vocation for assistance, which has made us leaders in the private market, to our corporate clients in order to provide the best service to their customers in the moments of truth.

Our technology allows us to personalise the customer experience, designing different customer journeys according to the demands of our corporate clients.

For all these reasons, thanks to a model focused on people, the companies that trust in the RACC can offer their customers high quality services that contribute to their loyalty.

Personalized Customer Journeys

Customer Journey asistencia mecánica ING

High Quality Rates

Our extensive network of our own exclusive resources allows us to guarantee maximum control over the quality and follow-up of the assistance services, as reflected in our high satisfaction rates.

Breakdown Assistance
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